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opencv xcode 9 Undefined symbols for architecture arm64:

image description

I need to use ximgproc module from OpenCV_contrib into my Xcode project. When I run the project I have an error like above.

Xcode 9.1 (9B55) Target: iOS 11 OpenCV -> OpenCV_Contrib ->

I have connected modules from these two libraries into one opencv2.framework .

xcrun -sdk iphoneos lipo -info ios/opencv2.framework/opencv2 Architectures in the fat file: ios/opencv2.framework/opencv2 are: armv7 armv7s i386 x86_64 arm64

Architestures are fine.

Below Xcode project settings:

image description

I stuck. I was trying everything. (I spent two days for looking for a solution.)

I was trying everything according to: -> I added also extra libraries to the project:

Accelerate AssetsLibrary AVFoundation CoreGraphics CoreImage CoreMedia CoreVideo QuartzCore UIKit Foundation



Has anyone idea how to solve the problem? Thank you in advance for help!