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Create Templates from Feature Homography


Currently i am working on texture tracking.

Presently, i have extracted AKAZE features and matched them to the known image Ids.

Each of these points can be of any size/orientation depending on how the texture is viewed by the camera.

1) Known homography from features 2) Original texture

How can i warped an NxN window around each feature point in the original image?

This sample shows how to match between source image and scene.

I would like to make a template for each point in the source image to match to the video image. Assuming the texture won't move again, we want to warp each feature to get a NxN template for that feature.

I don't think you can use an ROI as the feature's location in the original image is important when using homography.

Psuedo Code

For each feature point

Create a template from original image

Warp template, using the homography, to get a template as it "SHOULD" be in the camera view for

better match.

The issue i am having is that I do not wish to warp every pixel in the source image for each template.

How to do this the smart way?? Efficiently?