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mingw and c# dll

Hi, I would like to know if a dll can be created using mingw/opencv and accessed from c#? A nice example would be much appreciated. If possible to do so, will there be compatibility issues due to different compilers used. If not possible to do so, what would be the best way to go about communicating between mingw/opencv and c#?

I am thinking of communicating between c# and mingw/opencv by using the file system. But going this route seems rather clunky, inefficient, slow and prone to race condition if not protected by semaphores or by other means. Here's the process: Basically, the c# application will save too images to hard drive. Once the two image files are created, mingw/opencv will take over and process the images and spit out the answer to another harddrive file with the c# app taking over once again and displaying the answer on a gui screen. Using a ramdisk will make the process more efficient.

The above method is convoluted but I cannot think of any other way given the circumstances of unable to create a dll to communicate between c# and mingw/opencv.