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Location of Epipole


I was checking on epipolar geometry, trying to draw the epipolar lines. From reading, what i understood is that epipole of image 1 is the projection of camera center-2 if both images were taken together. And all the epilines pass through these epipole.

I attached two images,

in epi1.jpg, I drew epilines in left image for the corresponding points in the right image. Intersection of epilines shows the projection of camera of right image which seems to be correct in this case.

image description

But in second image, I expected epipole to be outside the image since camera projection of right image can't be inside the left image since camera in left image is in front of camera of right image. But I got epipole to be inside. How is it possible?

image description

(Sorry if i confused you)

This is my code:

Regards Abid K.