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How to control a KalmanFilter using the Java interface ?

I'm trying to port the code in this KalmanFilter tutorial to Java.

I have no clue how to write this in Java:<float>(0) = mouse_info.x;<float>(1) = mouse_info.y;<float>(2) = 0;<float>(3) = 0;
KF.transitionMatrix = *(Mat_<float>(4, 4) << 1,0,0,0,   0,1,0,0,  0,0,1,0,  0,0,0,1);

I couldn't find any fields or any setters for statePre or transitionMatrix.

The javadocs state:

The class implements a standard Kalman filter, [Welch95]. However, you can modify transitionMatrix, controlMatrix, and measurementMatrix to get an extended Kalman filter functionality. See the OpenCV sample kalman.cpp.

but I'm guessing this is valid for c++, not java.

Is there a way to control the KalmanFilter in Java ? If so, how ?