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solvePnPRansac gave unstable results (has video)


I want to calculate the camera pose correspond with the chessboard. Currently, I use 3 markers at Top Left, Top Right and Bottom Left of the chessboard. I use these markers to estimate the 3D world coordinate of the chessboard corners. The 2D chessboard corners is detected by openCV findChessboardCorners function.

I tested solvePnPRansac with different algorithm SOLVEPNP_ITERATIVE, SOLVEPNP_DLS, SOLVEPNP_EPNP, SOLVEPNP_UPNP and SOLVEPNP_P3P but always got unstable results.

I also followed this article to initial the rvec and tvec but the result didn't improve.

Do you have any idea to improve the situation?

Here the current unstable result:

Thank you in advance.