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How to install openCV with contrib modules

I have tried for days installing openCV with contrib repository without success. I must say this is probably the one thing that has caused me the most delays in my career as a programmer. To think that installing openCV and using all of it's features could be so troublesome is beyong my understanding. I have searched everything online how to do it and nothing helps. It should be as easy as saying: brew install opencv3 --with-contrib --with-python3, but that doesnt even work, nothing really works anymore. You update this library so often that everything else is deprecated before you test it, and i find it so stupid and cannot believe how troublesome it is to install this correctly. Probably one of the worst experiences in my career, you have literally destroyed my internship due to me being on Mac OS X and having so much trouble installing openCV for my internship project, delaying my implementation of Face Recognition because i do not have access to the face submodule in the contrib repository. I am so sad about this, and it makes me want to quit programming, since it's just not stable enough due to releases 24/7 breaking older versions.