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Best Programming language for development

I am new to OPENCV and wondering what is the best language to develop in, C, C++, Python = I am comfortable with those but want to make sure that I have the quickest development with the least amount of integration issues in development. (opencv 3. and python 3. or c or c++)

Project is object identification and tracking with network server/client data storage for multi-HD-camera live video data collection and analysis of data stream. I am also looking for other that are interested in participating in this open source development.

Confidentiality agreement required during development, please let me know if you are interest and your level of development and participation. a US based development with possible global integration.

Some key facts of the development, hardware - Raspberry-pi 3 with HD PI camera, Sensor module for GPS and other sensor data, WiFi or cellar connectivity to network and a home server to collect/ compile and construct the analysis of the combined data.

If this sounds like something you are interested in please reply.

Thank you,