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looping for trainig data

Hi I have 80 testing and training samples to loop in my code. testData_1 to testdata_80

I had defined the path for each training and testing samples as char trainfilename[] = "\t\trainData_1.txt"; char testfilename[] = "t\testData_1.txt";

but now i have 80 of them so i have to loop them so that i could read it one by one.

please note that i cant concatenate all testing samples to one as each testdata1 is of dimension 5180 and each traindata_1 is of 20180

so i was planing to make a loOp like this instead of doing it manually one by one

            strcpy(testdataAll, "D:/data/");            

            strcat(testdataAll, testSet[ctrTestSet]);

            strcat(testdataAll, testfilename);

            for (int pos=0; pos<160; pos++) {

                if (testfilename[pos]=='_' && testfilename[pos+1]=='\0'){

                    strcat(testdataAll, numTrChar);

                    strcat(testdataAll, "_6");




but i cant get it right? please suggest