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latentsvm_multidetect sample gives very bad results


I'm using the sample file latentsvm_multidetect to test LatentSvmDetector.

I'm using the models provided in OpenCVextra ("opencv_extra/testdata/cv/latentsvmdetector/models_VOC2007") and also the images provided there - one is of cars and the other is of a cat.

The code compiles and runs, but I'm getting very bad results. I'm getting various detections of all kinds of object in the images (for example, in the cars image i'm getting about 80 detections of various objects when there are only six cars in the image).

I'm running the code "as is", so I don't understand why this happens. Is there any flag I need to turn off/on or anything like that? Am I suppose to expect such results?

Thank you,