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VideoCapture device on Android

Dear users,

i'm successfully using my Camera on Android (native C++ OpenCV) for capturing images from my Hardware Camera.

Nevertheless I cannot read with cv::VideoCapture from a videofile on my SD card on my Android phone... the videofile I have converted to the correct format for OpenCV, nevertheless the videofile is not recognized and cannot be played.

1) I read some posts that suggest to install "FFmpeg" Codecs on the Android device - but how, and is this possible at all?

some guy from #android-dev on Freenode suggested:

2) <anonymous> stephanmg, if you want to use ffmpeg decoders, yes, you should statically link libavcodec/libavformat into your opencv library so it'll have the decoders available.

My question is: How can i read videofiles with cv::VideoCapture from a file, analogous to the case which i succesfully could manage, that is to read and process images which i captured from my hardware camera.

All the best, Stephan