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How to edit/reading pixels from Mat(Vec3b) using Java

Hi guys, how to edit or reading pixels from Mat with type Vec3b using java. In c++ we can use something like this<Vec3b>(x,y)[0]; // for blue<Vec3b>(x,y)[1]; // for grey<Vec3b>(x,y)[2]; // for red

or we can use something like this

for(int i=0; i<A.rows; i++){
   for(int j=0; j<A.cols; j++){
 [A.channels()*(A.cols*i + j) + 0] = 0;
 [A.channels()*(A.cols*i + j) + 1] = 0;
 [A.channels()*(A.cols*i + j) + 2] = 0;

but how to do it using Java? i already search it, i got stuck, i still dont have clear idea how to edit/reading it in Java language.