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What is the purpose of _c.h files?

I am running into issues with my OpenCV install. Trying to run various tutorials I am getting errors during compilation where constants aren't defined. When I search for the definitions I find that they are in files that end with _c.h. These files don't seem to be included anywhere. I don't see how to build without including them, but for some of them, when I add them it just makes the problems worse (for example, including highgui_c.h fixes a problem, but including core_c.h causes a chain of additional requirements that seems insoluble).

What is the idea behind _c.h files? When should they be included? How should they be included?

I am running with VC2012 on Windows 7. I am able to build and run the example code. I am currently trying to get the Camera Calibration tutorial code to run: