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access to registry path is denied, can't "run as admin"

C:\Users\mtngardener>setx -m OPENCV_DIR "c:\Users\mtngardener\built_apps\install\bin" ERROR: Access to the registry path is denied.

This is the same question as a previous poster had, but I can't use the "run as admin" option that was suggested there. However my sysadmin did add the ability for me to run regedit. So I believe I'd be able to make the update to the registry manually. Can someone tell me how to do the equivalent of "setx -m OPENCV_DIR "c:\Users\mtngardener\built_apps\install\bin"" with regedit?

Also, in the answer to the original question it was suggested that "you should use this path for environment variable: D:\OpenCV\Build{platform_type}{compiler_type}, e.g. D:\OpenCV\Build\x64\vc10."

How is this done correctly? By manually moving the files from various directories after the build+install? Or is there a way to configure the build+install to put the files in that directory when "build install" is run?

I am a novice with VS2012 (and any development on Windows) but I have followed:

The documentation is great, but at the "Set the OpenCV enviroment variable and add it to the systems path" step it seems to be missing something. In the previous section it leaves your files in /Build/bin and in this section it wants them in /build/{platform_type}/{compiler}.