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How much byte does BRIEF use with the Java wrapper?

I was wondering just how much bytes BRIEF uses when using the Java wrapper (Android). I've been looking online, and in the OpenCV Library, but the answer can't be found. I know however that BRIEF uses image patches, and found the next code for C++

class BriefDescriptorExtractor : public DescriptorExtractor

{ public: static const int PATCH_SIZE = 48; static const int KERNEL_SIZE = 9;

// bytes is a length of descriptor in bytes. It can be equal 16, 32 or 64 bytes.
BriefDescriptorExtractor( int bytes = 32 );

virtual void read( const FileNode& );
virtual void write( FileStorage& ) const;
virtual int descriptorSize() const;
virtual int descriptorType() const;

protected: ... };

I'm guessing since the PATCH_SIZE is 48, that BRIEF normally uses 48 bytes to describe a keypoint? Am I correct, or totally wrong?