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Memory leak reporting preventing upgrade from 2.* to 3.* of OpenCV


I want to upgrade my OpenCV from version 2.4.13 to version 3.2 and have successfully build the new 3.2 version and ported our application too.We are developing mainly on Windows using Visual Studio 2015 and in C++.

Running our application in debug mode now results in a lot of different memory leak reports (I know they are actually not memory leaks, see e.g. link ).

As this seems not to be changed, how do others manage this? I mean, it is normally nice to discover very quickly in debug mode that you have a memory leak in the code, but this check is now obscured due to the many leaks I get reported from OpenCV allocation (just a simple start of our application with a few task made results in something like 80 different leaks getting reported).

I would very much like to keep Visual Studio reporting not de-allocated memory when closing the application in debug mode, but is there a work-around for that?

Thanks in advance, Torben.