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Trying to configure OpenCV 3.1 Viz Module with Visual Studio 2015

Hello all,

I am currently trying to configure my Visual Studio to work with the Viz module for OpenCV for a 3D scanning project I have been working on. My build of OpenCV only had a build and sources folder. I added the viz.hpp and corresponding headers to the opencv2 directories within the include folder and it shows no errors. I am getting an error when trying to build my project saying that there are some unresolved external symbols, which make sense as there isn't a definition for some of these declared methods, which point to the needed module folder viz. In the viz folder, it contains all the C++ files for the needed headers, I am just struggling to make them visible to the project. Adding them to the included source directories of my properties file seemed to not change the error.

Tl;dr version: I need to configure Visual Studio to recognize and source the Viz module properly.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!