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Watershed c++ source sode

Hi :) I want you guys help me to find watershed segmentation source code in c++.

I am trying to segment a brain MRI to extract tumore area (the lightest area), I tried the opencv function, but it don'tgive accurate result or maybe it does not work, I don't know exactly...

Here is the result that I got using opencv function:

watershed(InputArray image, InputOutputArray markers);

image description

And here is the result I want to get,

image description

I found this images in this paper:

Detection and Quantification of Brain Tumor from MRI of Brain and it’s Symmetric Analysis

proposed by Sudipta Roy, Samir K. Bandyopadhyay

So I want to try another source code of watershed segmentation....I hope you understand what I want to say...

thank you in advance :) :) and sorry for my bad english