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Rectification from given lens parameters

It is possible to get the camera and lens parameters for rectification empirically using a chessboard but: It is possible get the rectification parameters from factory lens parameter? If so, what is the relationship between rectification parameters and typical optical parameters provided?

For example from FLIR TAU 2 19mm factory parameters I know a lot of its optics.

19 mm

Tau 640
(17μ 640×512)
FoV iFoV    32° x 26°
0.895 mr

Min Focus Distance  15.3cm

Hyperfocal Distance 9.5m

Hyperfocal Depth of Field   4.8m

 Lens Mount

Length  19mm

Diameter    29mm

How to use here the opencv method "fisheye-undistortpoints" ?

//! undistorts 2D points using fisheye model void undistortPoints(InputArray distorted, OutputArray undistorted, InputArray K, InputArray D, InputArray R = noArray(), InputArray P = noArray());