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How to identify an image once in a video sequence?

Hi all.
In my application (iOS) I search circular and triangular red objects. To do this I do an analysis of the colors converting RGB space to HSV and search shapes using findContour(). If I find a red object (circular or triangular) cut the portion of the image that contains it using its contour to define the ROI. This happens for each frame, and the problem is that the same “object” is grabbed many times because its contour is found in multiple frames. So, If I take a red circle for 1 second by moving the iPad around this image and the acquisition takes place at 30 frames per second, at the end I will have 30 images of the same object, while I only want one. In the image below, in the upper left the captured video from the camera, at the top right the last image captured and in the lower the sequence of images captured. As you can see, the red circle is captured many times, but always refers to the same object, and this happens because the image I cut it based on the boundary identified. I think I have to use a tracking system, is that correct?

Any suggestions to solve this problem?

image description Best regards