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Convert cv::Mat::at to Android

Hey There, please help me to figure it out : I have a opencv C++ code like :

 cv::Mat kernel(ks,ks, CV_32F);
    for (int y=-hks; y<=hks; y++)
        for (int x=-hks; x<=hks; x++)
            x_theta = x*del*cos(theta)+y*del*sin(theta);
            y_theta = -x*del*sin(theta)+y*del*cos(theta);
  <float>(hks+y,hks+x) = (float)exp(-0.5*(pow(x_theta,2)+pow(y_theta,2))/pow(sigma,2))* cos(2*CV_PI*x_theta/lmbd + psi);

I want to convert below code to android<float>(hks+y,hks+x) = (float)exp(-0.5*(pow(x_theta,2)+pow(y_theta,2))/pow(sigma,2))* cos(2*CV_PI*x_theta/lmbd + psi);

can you help me please, thanks in advance :)