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NO QUESTION - Suggestions concerning this question & answer area

I would like to place some suggestions for this question and answer area, in order to create some better results and answers.

  1. Is it possible (regarding the tool used for this forum) to create a range of like 3-4 stickied topic on top of the question page. I am thinking about the following: basic guides for searching information / basic manners and behaviour / ...
  2. Make it possible to append a discussion area? A lot of usefull discussions go to waste due to the structure of the forum. One could filter out good discussions and place them together.
  3. Why not use this information to create usefull guides? If people are up to helping me out on this, we could filter information into usefull guides. I have noticed there are topics like cascade_training / installing OpenCV / C style versus C++ style / ... that are literally answered week after week. And I am guessing one of the main reasons is that they are not published into usefull guides.

Just my 2 cents. Delete if this is not the place to discuss, but feel free to point me to the right persons for this.

Furthermore, I suggest the more explerienced Q&A forum users supply other suggestions in this topic.