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icvCreateFileCapture_FFMPEG function doesn't return when access IP cameras

Hi everyone,

We are encoutering problems when accessing multiple IP cameras (AXIS technology) at the same time. indeed, sometimes we see that the function icvCreateFileCapture_FFMPEG doesn't return.

What we tried : - accessing multiple video streams through network with VLC media player never fails (but we can't perfectly synchronize like 4 camerasaccess at the same time) - single camera =>we never have problems accessing to videostream - multiple cameras => the more cameras we have, the lower the success frequency is to access videostreams - wiresharking network proves that we don't have networking problems like packet loss or else - wiresharking exchanges between server and cameras shows that when we have a problem, a TCP window full followed by a TCP Zero window happens

Feel free to ask for more information or test to provide you more precise behaviours of cameras/networking.

Thanks in advance for your precious help.