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Understanding capability of camera with two lenses: measuring speed & distance?

Assume you have a camera with two lenses and you want to measure the distance a golf ball traveled, up to 1000 feet. Also assume the camera system offers a HFOV of 180 degrees.

1) What are the drawbacks to measuring distance with a single camera (with two lenses)?

2) What are the drawbacks to measuring speed with a camera system like this?

3) In particular, how does a camera system like this compare to a laser device like this for measurement and a radar device like this for speed?

Accuracy presumably depends in part on resolution, i.e., higher resolution yields more accurate results. So for distance assume acceptable tolerances are +/- 10 feet for distance and for speed +/- 5 mph. If resolution is the only variable, how do you determine the minimum resolution required to achieve the aforementioned tolerances?