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Change pixel x,y location with mathematical function

As the title suggests, I have an image, whose pixels I want to move based on a mathematical function. The code I use right now is consisted of two loops. And because of the nested loop, the process takes forever, -to be exact more than two minutes most of the times-, having in mind that each image has 12000 pixels to run through the loops. Is there another way to do this? I looked through the documentation but couldn't find anything.

imgcor = np.zeros(img.shape, dtype=img.dtype)
                for f in range(rowc):
                    for k in range(colc):
                        offX = k + (f*b*c*(math.sin(math.radians(a))))
                        offY = f + (f*b*d*(math.cos(math.radians(a))))
                        imgcor[f, k] = img[int(offY)%rowc, int(offX)%colc]

The a,b,c,d values are certain parameters that are assigned earlier in the script.

P.S. I am using Python2.7 and opencv 2.4