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Understanding relationship between image resolution and "zoom" capability

New to CV so sorry if this question lacks proper terminology or is completely nonsensical. :)

The goal is to track a specific player during a basketball game and produce a video that follows him around during the game. More specifically, every frame of the video will be centered around him instead of the ball.

One CV expert suggested the following:

The general approach is to have a very high definition video feed with a still camera and zoom into and around the still image and create the illusion that you are zooming/panning a regular camera.

Could someone elaborate on how "high definition" this camera needs to be? 4K? And more abstractly, is there a relationship between the resolution of the video feed and how much "zoom" capability this yields? For instance, if you have a 4K feed, could you zoom around a basketball court of 90 feet? Could you zoom around a football field of 100 yards?