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Aruco + Opencv 2.4.10

asked 2016-07-07 14:58:04 -0500

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Please forgive me if my question is stupid.

I am trying to detect a marker to compute the relative position of the camera. I've read that for this the Aruco library is the best. Moreover, I've seen that it is integrated with opencv 3. Everytime I try to change opencv I end up formating my computer, so I do not want to move to opencv3. I downloade the verison 2.0.7 of the aruco library. I compiled it and install it without problem. With this, I've been able to create markers of many tipes using the utility provided aruco_print_dictironary. Now I want to detect this marker that I've printed but I don't know what to do. Ideally I would like to know the pixel detections of the marker so I can compute the position of the camera using my own algorithm (that I am developping for academic purposes).

Any hint on how can I get this pairs of 2D-3D points (imagin that I want to solve the camera position using cv::solvePnP instead of the aruco camera position solver).

Thank you!!

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answered 2016-07-07 18:28:12 -0500

Tetragramm gravatar image

If switching to OpenCV 3+ is that much of a problem, you can just download the source files for the ARUCO module directly. It will take a little bit of work to get them to compile, but much less than trying to re-write all the functions yourself. Just remember that it falls under the OpenCV BSD license, so be aware of how you integrate it.

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Can you clarify me, how to compile it and integrate with OpenCV 2? Thank you

anunuparov gravatar imageanunuparov ( 2016-12-20 11:40:13 -0500 )edit
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