Which one does Opencv supports libav(FFmpeg fork) or FFmpeg

asked 2016-06-14 04:34:15 -0500

lm35 gravatar image

updated 2016-06-14 05:41:43 -0500

For ubuntu 14.04, which one does OpenCV ( 2.4.9 / 3.0) supports, libav or FFmpeg. Also how to compile OpenCV with FFmpeg/libav enabled.

Right now I have installed Opencv 2.4.9 which gives error while capturing a video in '.mp4' format with 'X264'. Can I go forward with uninstalling 2.4.9 and upgrading to OpenCV 3 . While upgrading which one should I include FFmpeg or libav.I want gstream also to be enabled.

Can i keep link text as reference for upgrading to Opencv 3

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