Opencv samples crash. (directx-example-d3d11_interop.exe)

asked 2016-04-24 14:59:34 -0500

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Hello, everyone.

There are some problems with OpenCV, which I hope you could help me to solve.

I compiled OpenCV for Windows 10 x86_64, and now I try to run some samples.

How I did that?

I configured it with CMake, to use MSBuild VS2015.

Built to a separate directory, then made:


Then I copied the contents of the "install" subdirectory to a separate directory and added the x64/vc14 directory to the PATH.

No I am trying to run samples from "x64\vc14\samples\directx"

For example:


Crashes with the following log:



Usage: directx-example-d3d11_interop.exe [params]

    -c, --camera (value:true)
            use camera or not
    -f, --file
            movie file name
    -h, --help (value:false)
            print help info

SETUP: Setting up device 0 SETUP: Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920 SETUP: Couldn't find preview pin using SmartTee SETUP: Default Format is set to 640x480 SETUP: trying specified format RGB24 @ 640x480 SETUP: Capture callback set SETUP: Device is setup and ready to capture.

FATAL ERROR: Unknown exception

SETUP: Disconnecting device 0 SETUP: freeing Grabber Callback SETUP: freeing Grabber SETUP: freeing Control SETUP: freeing Media Type SETUP: removing filter NullRenderer... SETUP: filter removed NullRenderer SETUP: removing filter Sample Grabber... SETUP: filter removed Sample Grabber SETUP: removing filter Smart Tee... SETUP: filter removed Smart Tee SETUP: removing filter Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920... SETUP: filter removed Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920 SETUP: freeing Capture Graph SETUP: freeing Main Graph SETUP: Device 0 disconnected and freed

Then I tried to run examples from "x64\vc14\samples\tutorials"

For example, I chose a file



Simple Linear Blender

  • Enter alpha [0-1]: 0 Error loading src1

So basically, it's too long to get through, but I wonder if there is at least one example in OpenCV which is not broken and could show me that the installation is actually working?

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