Including nonfree modules in OpenCV 3.1

asked 2016-01-19 15:56:04 -0500

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Hi i'm trying to work on a code that use the extra modules of opencv. I've installed the extra modules following the readme txt

$ cd < opencv_build_directory > $ cmake -DOPENCV_EXTRA_MODULES_PATH=< opencv_contrib >/modules < opencv_source_directory > $ make -j5

it works but when i try to compile the code it says that error: ‘xfeatures2d’ is not a namespace-name (in the code there is using namespace cv::xfeatures2d; )


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did you try to compile one of the offical samples

sturkmen gravatar imagesturkmen ( 2016-01-19 16:25:04 -0500 )edit

i've just tried surf_matcher.cpp

opencv2/xfeatures2d.hpp: file or directory not exist #include "opencv2/xfeatures2d.hpp" ^ compilation terminated.

feder27 gravatar imagefeder27 ( 2016-01-19 16:32:29 -0500 )edit

it works fine on these samples but if i try this it produces a lot of errors

feder27 gravatar imagefeder27 ( 2016-01-19 16:46:33 -0500 )edit