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Why should an RGB image be converted to grayscale for carrying out deblurring/blur detection?

asked 2015-12-22 05:19:01 -0600

Koshy gravatar image

I am new and naive to OpenCV and image processing. I have an image which is of RGB standard. Why should I convert it grayscale in order to detect blur or apply laplacian operator? Really appreciate your help.

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answered 2015-12-22 06:33:04 -0600

matman gravatar image

A RGB image is nothing else than a grayscale image with 3 channels which are interpreted as red, green and blue. So in many cases analysing RGB image won't give you more informations than analysing grayscale image, but analysing grayscale image is about 3 times faster. If you want to measure chromatic aberrations, for example, you can't use only grayscale image, but for many other cases you can.

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answered 2015-12-22 22:53:39 -0600

Ralph058 gravatar image

updated 2015-12-22 22:55:30 -0600

You might want to consider that the green channel dominates an image. You may be able to have your color and your three times processing by just enhancing green. In fact, with most solid state imagers, the blue and red have 1/2 the resolution as the green channel. Edges are detected from the green pixels and added to the blue and red to fake the human eye into believing that there is an improvement in resolution.

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