OpenCV Ellipse fitting: extract parameters

asked 2015-12-09 04:29:11 -0500

manatttta gravatar image

I have been investigating the cv::fitEllipse function for extracting additional data. I read the article that is cited in the documentation (Andrew W. Fitzgibbon, R.B.Fisher. A Buyer’s Guide to Conic Fitting. Proc.5th British Machine Vision Conference, Birmingham, pp. 513-522, 1995which can be found at

I explicitly want to extract the a = [Axx Axy Ayy ...] matrix, but the code is so optimized that I cannot identify where these values are. I'm not even sure that the function fom OpenCV 3.0 implements that algorithm. For instance, they only estimate 5 parameters, while the cited paper refers to 6 parameters.

Does anyone has an hint on that?

Alternatively, does anyone have a hint on how I can measure how good my estimated ellipse fits the model? For now, I was relying on the fact that F(a, x) = 0, where a is my ellipse parameter vector, a = [Axx Axy Ayy ...].

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