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Stitching 2 image with findHomography

asked 2015-11-17 13:27:59 -0600

Jalg gravatar image

Hi, i have troubles to stitching two image using findHomography and warpPerspective, my code is the next one:

Mat H = findHomography(obj, scene, CV_RANSAC);

Mat warpImage2;
warpPerspective(im2, warpImage2, H, Size(im2.cols, im2.rows), INTER_CUBIC, BORDER_TRANSPARENT);

Mat final(Size(im2.cols * 2 , im2.rows), CV_8UC3);

Mat roi1(final, Rect(0, 0, im.cols, im.rows));
Mat roi2(final, Rect(im.cols, 0, im2.cols, im2.rows));

imshow("final", final);

the problem is that the result is the next one:

I can move my roi manually and try and try untill stitching both but when i'll use that function for other image will not work.

There a form to stitching them without move de roi manually?


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Hello guy, You want to cut the two images by size.I have this function.

 Mat crop( Mat ent)

{ int maior_x, maior_y, menor_x, menor_y;

menor_x = maior_x = menor_y = maior_y = 900;

for(int rows = 900; rows < ent.rows; rows++) { for(int cols = 900; cols < ent.cols; cols++) { if(<vec3b>(rows, cols)[0] != 0 &&<vec3b>(rows, cols)[1] != 0 &&<vec3b>(rows, cols)[2] != 0 ) { if(rows < menor_y) { menor_y = rows; }

        if(rows > maior_y)
            maior_y = rows;

        if(cols < menor_x)
            menor_x = rows;

        if(cols > maior_x)
            maior_x = cols;


diegomoreira gravatar imagediegomoreira ( 2015-11-17 16:51:06 -0600 )edit

Mmmm i think you don't understand me xD

I want a result similar to the class stitcher.

I don't need cut, the warpPerspective function with my homography cut my image correctly but i don't know how to stitch both without doing a roi like that:

Mat roi2(final, Rect(im.cols-77, 0, im2.cols, im2.rows));

Try and error say me that im.cols-77 is the position correct for my warpImage2 but i want put that without i have to create a function for all the images.

I hope undertand me or if i misundertand you excuse me.

Jalg gravatar imageJalg ( 2015-11-18 06:26:59 -0600 )edit

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answered 2016-01-11 23:47:18 -0600

OpenCV_Learner gravatar image

I guess using opencv Stitcher class will help stitching multiple images:

vector<mat> images; images.push_back(imread("Set1/stretched1.jpg"));//Reading first image images.push_back(imread("Set1/stretched2.jpg"));//Reading second image Mat img;

Stitcher stitcher = Stitcher::createDefault(); Stitcher::Status stitcherStatus = stitcher.stitch(images, img);

imshow("First",img); images.clear(); images.push_back(img); images.push_back(imread("Set1/pic3 - Copy.jpg"));////Reading third image stitcherStatus = stitcher.stitch(images, img); imshow("Second",img)

In this way i tried to stitch 5 images, though it takes a lot of time. Is there any better way to do it for frames captured in video?

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