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Hello folks,

I am having problems getting a realiable pose estimation using solvePnPRansac. I am using the following parameters for the Ransac:

self.rvec = np.array([-1],dtype=np.float32)
self.tvec = np.array([-1],dtype=np.float32)
self.extrinsicGuess = False
self.RansacIterations = 2000
self.reprojectionError = 100
self.RansacMethod = cv2.CV_P3P

I have 4 World Points and I get 4 image points from the blobs detected. The blobs are well detected, as proved by the following image:

Blobs detection

Prolems arise when I project points on the body frame. The circle representes the projected points. Projecting the green blob coords, returns the following: green blob projection

Projecting the blue blob: image description

Projecting the left Red blob (upper red): image description

And finally, projecting the down red blob: image description

Projecting the center coords, returns this: image description

I do not have any world coords at the origin.

What can this be, or what can I do, to solve this problem?

Thank you in advance!

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Roque gravatar imageRoque ( 2015-09-15 08:18:06 -0600 )edit