Stitching module, output image has strange color shades

asked 2013-02-06 10:38:49 -0500

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The OpenCV stitching example (stitching_detailed) works quite good. But sometimes i get strange color shades. Especially if the original images have low details/unique colors. For example during fog or at night.

Please see the attached pictures to see a part from the original image and the stitched result.

I have to remark that the final image is stitched correctly it just looks like coneverted to 256 colors palette. Under good light conditions during daytime the picture is stitched correctly and you can only see a few color shades in the sky for example.

I went through the OpenCV source code but i was not able to find the compositing part where this image data loss occurs.

Anybody has a hint why i get an image quality loss and how to prevent this?

Two of the source images (fog):

image descriptionimage description

Stitched Image

image description

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