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link opencv with cmusphnix and work in visual studio 2013

asked 2015-07-21 10:32:45 -0600

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I have downloaded OpenCV and cmuphnix (both pocketsphnix and sphnixbase). I have build all the projects of cmusphnix in visual studios with no errors.

I just want to know how to link the libraries of CMUSphnix with OpenCV so that i can work with cmusphnix in OpenCV something like this

I am just a beginner at all these things, so it would be great if you can provide me with some links or tutorial regarding this.

Thanks a lot

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answered 2015-07-22 04:22:11 -0600


You just need to include all the .lib files of both librairies and all the include folder in the settings of your visual project.

For example in my settings project : in C/C++ -> general -> other include repertories : C:\pocketSphynx\pocketsphinx\include; C:\pocketSphynx\sphinxbase\include\win32; C:\pocketSphynx\pocketsphinx\src; C:\pocketSphynx\sphinxbase\src\libsphinxad; C:\pocketSphynx\sphinxbase\include; $(OPENCV_DIR32)....\include

In link editor -> general -> repertories of other library : C:\pocketSphynx\pocketsphinx\bin\Debug;$(OPENCV_DIR32)\lib

in link editor -> entry -> additional dependencies (debug mode) : opencv_world300d.lib;opencv_ts300d.lib;%(AdditionalDependencies);sphinxbase.lib;pocketsphinx.lib

in link editor -> entry -> additional dependencies (release mode) : opencv_world300.lib;opencv_ts300.lib;%(AdditionalDependencies);sphinxbase.lib;pocketsphinx.lib

Maybe an other way is more faster but this work for me. If you want some example of how you can work with both check :

it's a project I am working on since two week so it's an very experimental code but maybe that can help you.

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