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You just need to include all the .lib files of both librairies and all the include folder in the settings of your visual project.

For example in my settings project : in C/C++ -> general -> other include repertories : C:\pocketSphynx\pocketsphinx\include; C:\pocketSphynx\sphinxbase\include\win32; C:\pocketSphynx\pocketsphinx\src; C:\pocketSphynx\sphinxbase\src\libsphinxad; C:\pocketSphynx\sphinxbase\include; $(OPENCV_DIR32)....\include

In link editor -> general -> repertories of other library : C:\pocketSphynx\pocketsphinx\bin\Debug;$(OPENCV_DIR32)\lib

in link editor -> entry -> additional dependencies (debug mode) : opencv_world300d.lib;opencv_ts300d.lib;%(AdditionalDependencies);sphinxbase.lib;pocketsphinx.lib

in link editor -> entry -> additional dependencies (release mode) : opencv_world300.lib;opencv_ts300.lib;%(AdditionalDependencies);sphinxbase.lib;pocketsphinx.lib

Maybe an other way is more faster but this work for me. If you want some example of how you can work with both check :

it's a project I am working on since two week so it's an very experimental code but maybe that can help you.