cv::glTexture linking error (with solution)

asked 2013-01-23 06:11:54 -0500

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updated 2013-01-23 06:21:42 -0500


I'm using OpenCV 2.4.9 (cloned from git last week) with visual studio 2010. I had an issue with cv:glTexture the linker couldn't found the function in the libraries :

error LNK2001: symbole externe non résolu "public: virtual class cv::glTexture __cdecl cv::_InputArray::getglTexture(void)const " (?getglTexture@_InputArray@cv@@UEBA?AVglTexture@2@XZ)

Using dependency walker on core_249.dll I saw that the function is called :


So just changing in core.hpp every "GlTexture" by "GlTexture2D" (4 places to change) seems to be working for me. If it can help someone...

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