In the new release of opencv I am getting error due to videoio module. I am contiuously getting linker error. I guess it is due to some preprocessor WINRT. Not able to build the sample code even. Please suggest

asked 2015-05-26 02:26:41 -0600

I have downloaded the new version of the opencv, branch master. It has some new modules like highgui, videoio, imgcodecs which I was waiting for. But while building the samples I am getting the linker error. And these errors are in the videoio module. I debug it come to conclusion that it is due to some macro WINRT. It is specified in the cmakelist.txt file of the videoio module that it is only for 8.1+ version of windows. In the file cap.cpp there are few statements which enable the few header files and WINRT_VIDEO macro in case of WINRT defined and WINRT_8_0 not defined. I am able to fix this issues and build my sample codes. Please suggest me how can I do this. Thanks in advance

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