SURF feature vector keypoints compute similarity percentage

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I am following the idea of this point for an image search program ( I got the feature matching with Flann to work and is given an image img_matches with the result drawmatch.

drawMatches( img_1, keypoints_1, img_2, keypoints_2,
               good_matches, img_matches, Scalar::all(-1), Scalar::all(-1),
               std::vector<char>(), DrawMatchesFlags::NOT_DRAW_SINGLE_POINTS );

What I want is to take in the two feature vectors vector<keypoint> keypoints_1, keypoints_2; and combine it with good matches vector< DMatch > good_matches; to compute a similarity score in percentage showing how similar the two picture is. Is there a simple similarity or distance metric function that would take in three vectors and help me compute this number?

P.S. My mistake, feature vectors seem to be the descriptors Mat descriptors_1, descriptors_2;.

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Please use the search functionality of this forum. This optic ist asked quiet often.

JohannesZ gravatar imageJohannesZ ( 2015-05-07 07:44:10 -0500 )edit