Compilation with vs2010 include structure

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I first tried to use openCV with Eclipse CDT using the autoextractible archive from sourceforge. Everything worked fine but I need to use OpenGL and CUDA. So I said "OK let's compile with vs2010". I cloned the git repository, install CMake and all stuff said in the tuto from But I had a weird thing : the build/include folder contain a folder named CMakeFiles instead of C:\OpenCV\build\Include\opencv\"a lot of headers" and C:\OpenCV\build\Include\opencv2\"folders"\"headers". The include folder from the "root" directory of opencv contains : C:\OpenCV\Include\opencv\"headers" and C:\OpenCV\Include\opencv\opencv2.hpp but not all the stuff needed. So I started a quest for found lost headers and found that they are in fact in (for example : highgui) C:\opencv\modules\highgui\Include\opencv2\highgui\highgui.hpp. If I copy all of these directories in the C:\Opencv\build\Include\opencv2 it works but I'm afraid of hazardous bugs wit such manipulations. It's I hope I didn't lost anyone...

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