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Changing value in the mat

asked 2015-04-17 08:12:56 -0500

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Hello, I have a mat format Mat data = [ 0,0,0,0,255,0,0,255,0,0,0,255,0,0,0,255,0,0,0,0,255,0,0,255,255,255.........]

I would like to change the value of 255 to 1 for the Mat. Is there any instructions that I can use to change the value in a faster way?

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I guess here you will find the information you want. If speed is what you are looking for LookUpTable, i.e. LUT(), is the fastest way to access pixel values.

theodore gravatar imagetheodore ( 2015-04-17 08:27:44 -0500 )edit

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answered 2015-04-17 08:36:50 -0500


data.setTo(1, data==255);
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+1, Right solution than mine.

Haris gravatar imageHaris ( 2015-04-17 09:22:27 -0500 )edit

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