Emgu.CV.CvInvoke exception [closed]

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Hello everyone.

I'm new to image proccessing concepts. I've developed an image processing application on C#.Net platform using Emgu CV wrapper classes and I've deployed it on Microsoft Azure Cloud. When I run my application on Azure cloud i'm getting following error as : -

Error Stack Trace -

at Emgu.CV.CvInvoke.cvCreateImageHeader(Size size, IPL_DEPTH depth, Int32 channels) at Emgu.CV.Image2.AllocateData(Int32 rows, Int32 cols, Int32 numberOfChannels) at Emgu.CV.Image2.set_Bitmap(Bitmap value) at NnSmAzWebRole._Default.BtnProcs_Click(Object sender, EventArgs e)

Error Message -

The type initializer for 'Emgu.CV.CvInvoke' threw an exception.

But when I run the same application locally at my PC it is running smoothly. I've uploaded all the necessary Emgu CV & OpenCV DLL's on Azure cloud same as what i use to locally run the application on my PC. Please provide me some solutions to solve this problem. Thank you in advance.

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you probably might want to ask on their own forum

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