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1D blobs with MSER

asked 2012-07-20 09:42:28 -0600

Lacrymology gravatar image

I have to clarify, I haven't even tried to compile an example yet, but I want to know whether I'm barking up the right tree or not.

I'm trying to detect some blobs in 1D in order to detect where are the legs in a single line of kinect depth map input. From what I've read around, it sounds like MSER is my best option here, although I don't know how well will it work with a single-line image, although I could make it as wide as 4 or 8 lines, the idea is not to depend on skeleton detection because that has too many prerequisites, and I want this to work with an arbitrary amount of people.

I decided to try OpenCV because writing the algorithm myself looked like overkill. I come here because I wasn't able to find any documentation that actually says something =/

What would be the right path to take here? I take I'll need to adjust the params so the algorithm is quite sensitive, since the data will represent mm and after threshold it'll range only between 800~1800

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@Misha: I can't yet comment onto your answer. I'm using MSER because I wasn't able to find a more suitable algorithm that I don't need to implement myself, I'm very short on time, so, well I came to OpenCV.. I'll look into these

Lacrymology gravatar imageLacrymology ( 2012-07-23 10:58:34 -0600 )edit

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answered 2012-07-22 06:00:50 -0600

Misha gravatar image

There indeed little info on MSER available. You can try to use this page.

The more important question is: are you really really sure you want to use MSER for solving your problem? MSER is an algorithm for image processing, and the question you are trying to solve does not belong to this field. MSER was designed to work with 2D arrays. Algorithms for analizing 2D arrays are MUCH more complicate than the ones working with 1D arrays. Algorithm from appropriate field will be faster and more robust. You can try for example algorithms for histogram analysis, and histogram auto-thresholding.

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