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1D blobs with MSER

I have to clarify, I haven't even tried to compile an example yet, but I want to know whether I'm barking up the right tree or not.

I'm trying to detect some blobs in 1D in order to detect where are the legs in a single line of kinect depth map input. From what I've read around, it sounds like MSER is my best option here, although I don't know how well will it work with a single-line image, although I could make it as wide as 4 or 8 lines, the idea is not to depend on skeleton detection because that has too many prerequisites, and I want this to work with an arbitrary amount of people.

I decided to try OpenCV because writing the algorithm myself looked like overkill. I come here because I wasn't able to find any documentation that actually says something =/

What would be the right path to take here? I take I'll need to adjust the params so the algorithm is quite sensitive, since the data will represent mm and after threshold it'll range only between 800~1800