OpenCV 3.0.0 roadmap [closed]

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Is there any published plans for 3.0 in the near and long term?

We are looking at a major rewrite of our product for 3.0 and especially want to use the opencl functionality. Is there any roadmap for which areas will be implemented in opencl ? Currently there isn't even a list of which functions have GPU versions (other than looking for OpenCL sources)

We don't want to explore using a particular technique which would only be practical at OpenCL speeds if it cannot be implemented on the GPU for reasons we don't know. Similarly we don't want to invest in implementing missing functionality, eg HoughCircles, if others are working on it.

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Also, is there any time estimate for the 3.0..0 release, besides "when it's done"? Mid-2013, the estimate was February 2014.

jondo gravatar imagejondo ( 2015-03-19 09:36:18 -0500 )edit