Can't run opencv 3 beta samples on android

asked 2015-01-20 10:43:26 -0500

fabiok gravatar image

Hi all, I'd like to test some of the new tracking features in the opencv 3 version in an android 4.2 application. I am able to build the opencv 3-beta on a linux 32 bit machine, building both the opencv-3.0.0-beta-binary-pack for armv7a-neon and all the examples. I managed to sign, zipalign and install the binary pack on my phone. Then I tested few examples, but noone seems to find the installed opencv and asks to download the opencv manager from google play (which is still version 2.4.9).

Has anyone managed to compile and build the opencv3 for android and managed to run the examples/own code? If so, how?


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