Is it possible to run the program using Visual Studio Win32 Console Application

asked 2012-12-17 21:07:23 -0500

rummy gravatar image

Please send me the information about how to run the OpenCv in C++. Which compiler is required to run the openCv C++ code?. Is VS compiler is sutable or not?.

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OpenCV use cmake for cross-platform compiler, VS is okay and already has prebuild library Please visit the official website

Gianluigi gravatar imageGianluigi ( 2012-12-17 21:52:24 -0500 )edit

Thank You. I have one more question. How to connect AXIS p1347 Camera to OpenCv which is in the network.

rummy gravatar imagerummy ( 2012-12-20 23:28:59 -0500 )edit