drawMatches missing and I have 3.0

asked 2014-11-27 13:08:35 -0500

Hey everyone,

I was wondering what I can do about getting drawMatches to work. I removed the opencv 2.4.10 folder from my directory (I'm using Ubuntu 12.04), and I downloaded opencv 3.0 to get the new functions so that everything in the tutorials works for me. But it keeps saying that the module is missing the drawMatches attribute. I've done some digging, and I found that it's possible that my system maybe isn't 'pointing' to the right opencv files, but I have no clue. My professor just told me that opencv exists and that I should teach myself python and opencv for a project, yet no one else knows how to help for the most part at school, even the grad students. I just want this function to work so I can test something for my project. Any and all help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Best, Matt

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