Possible bug in CvCapture_FFMPEG::grabFrame

asked 2012-12-03 18:43:28 -0500


I am using OpenCV to read AVI files. I am running into a problem where the images are retrieved properly in release mode, but are not in debug mode, where they are entirely pink. In addition, I get crashes if the image size of the AVI is bigger than 640x480 (say 800x600 or bigger). When I debugged the code, it seems that the problem comes from the last call to av_free_packet in the function CvCapture_FFMPEG::grabFrame (line 500 in cap_ffmpeg_impl.hpp), which frees up the data associated with an image (data that is still referenced by picture->data). Can someone confirm the bug that I found? I would like to make sure before reporting it.


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